Top 10 most viewed African music videos

Yemi Alade

That Africa music is establishing its place in the global sphere is a scathing understatement. Our artistes are breaking down international boundaries, with Wizkid and Rayvanny bagging some major awards in this year’s BET Awards.

Besides the BET Awards, yet another platform for recognizing and appreciating African music is YouTube, and the following is a list of the top 10 most-viewed African music videos on Youtube.

Nana- Diamond Platnumz

At number ten with 31 million views is Nana by East African maestro Diamond Platnumz. It features easy-to-sing lyrics and African dance moves to top it all.

Aye Davido

With a record 41 million views, here is the African-themed video that propelled Davido to international fame.

Oliver Twist

But who can ever forget this song by Nigerian star Dbanj! And it’s hilarious moves! It has over 43 million views

Bum Bum Timaya

Featuring Sean Paul in this video is the best decision Timaya ever made, because so far it has over 47 million views.

Waving Flag – K’Naan

K’Naan rose above a war-ridden past in Somalia to become a celebrated musician. The music video for ‘Waving Flag’ has more than 66 million views.

Nao Me Toca – Anselmo Ralph

This song is in Portuguese, but, just like Despacito, it is easy to dance to and has a smooth rhythm. No wonder it has a record 67 million views.

Johnny- Yemi Alade

Yemi made her debut in the music scene in 2009, but it was until 2013 that she released this song and everyone was just blown away. Four years later, this song not only in the  Top 3 most viewed list, but is the only video done by a female African musician that features in the Top 10.

Personally – P Square

But this song is as fresh as yesterday. The beats are crazy, the choreography is something else. The number two spot does not come as a surprise, because when P Square releases a song, they don’t play. Man, these Naija twins will be the death of us. The music video for the song ‘Personally’ has over 76 million views on YouTube.

Ugly Boy Die Antwoord 99 million South Africa

Ugly Boy tops the list with a total of, wait for it, 99 million views, just 1 million shy of 100 million! But this is one hell of an engaging video and it is easy to imagine why is takes the top spot.

There,  you have it!

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