Top 10 Kenyan YouTubers every millennial should know

YouTube is quickly becoming the new TV. Since 2005, the video viewing site has become the de facto launch pad for the next generation of celebrities.

Stars like PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and Yuya have raked up millions of subscribers, and in turn millions of shillings, over the years through a direct relationship with their fans.

From comedians to gamers to vloggers of all kinds, YouTubers have generally built their following outside of the control of traditional media giants, even if they are now signing big deals with those companies. And there is power and independence in having that huge fan base.

Getting tired of Netflix? Find yourself googling “best Netflix shows” but checking off every series on the list? It happens to the best of us, and when it does, I always turn to YouTube.

These Kenyan vloggers capture everything within their lives.

They generally cover all manner of  things like cooking, fashion, travel, vacationing, parenting, Beauty, getting Boo’d Up and sometimes just random facts about themselves.

There is a lot to learn from these YouTubers, so next time you find yourself bored of your TV shows, check out these ten local YouTube titans who are currently dominating the video internet.

  1. Farhana Oberson

This pretty woman is everyone’s travel goals. Farhana clearly has a phobia for the indoors because she’s literally always on her way out. And not just to anywhere, but to some of the swankiest and most exciting locations. Farhana has toured Kenya like you never would. And her Coastal stays are the best. Proudly boasting of over 44,000 subscribers, this girl is good to go. Pun intended.

Farhana Oberson. PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. This Is Ess

Easily one of the most beautiful women on the Kenyan internet, this media darling is a true YouTube bastion. She vlogs about her life and her baby and her hair and her dreams. And boy, do we love it! Maybe it’s her voice. Or that smile. We may never know why we adore her so much.

Sharon ‘This Is Ess’ Mundia. PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. Mandi Sarro

Miss Mandi has been a media princess for a while now. But what is the use of being a fantastic cook if you cannot teach your followers a trick or two? You can smell the sweet Pilau aroma from the air just by watching Miss Mandi’s cooking blogs. She’s a mistress. And a darn good one at it.



  1. The Alpha Beta

With a strong 15,000+ following, this young couple is a YouTubers’ dream come true. It’s just them. And their little kids. Just filming their way through life and doing it with so much fun and gusto. Just what any young Kenyan couple should live like.



  1. Over 25

This vlog is run by four ladies who are very funny and free-spirited. They talk about life in general; daily hassles, job, relationships, and beauty. They don’t say why the vlog is called Over Twenty Five but they don’t look a day over twenty five. But they definitely have more than just 25 followers. I mean, they have 37,000 followers. Yup!



  1. Green Calabash

Just another free-spirited couple hassling their way through life and blessing you with their daily escapades. They talk about everything. And live such a regular, fun life. They’re just enviable.

Green Calabash. PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Cooking is fun. Now, add a pretty girl with a pretty voice into the mix and you have a whole snack. Nay, meal. Kaluhi is the kitchen goddess. There is nothing this young mama cannot cook. And nothing she cooks you cannot eat. I’m sure her 8,000 subscribers will agree.

Kaluhi’s Kitchen PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. Maxine Wabosha

Maxine will talk about anything. And will film anything. From her makeup routine to her daily hassles to her errands and meeting up her fans. What makes her tick could be that sweet face. And adorable voice. I seriously want to meet her. I’m tired of just watching her cute self.

Maxine Wabosha. PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. Joana Kinuthia

Do you love makeup? If you love make-up and beauty accessories but always feel like you can’t afford to be beautiful, then this channel is for you. The vlog is run by a young beauty enthusiast and make-up artist called Joanna. She shares practical tips on how to get and use beauty products at the best prices. She will tell you the products you can get with only sh. 50 and how to get your nails manicured at just sh. 30!

Joana Kinuthia. PHOTO/COURTESY


  1. Sonal Maherali

This is easily the Queen of Kenyan YouTube. Sonal has everything going for her. She’s effortlessly beautiful, has the voice of a goddess, travels like a President and lives like a King. Sonal’s vlog is populated with all manner of luxury. From the flashiest designer wear to the most luxurious top-dollar shoes. Sonal is the Paris Hilton of Kenya. And by Paris Hilton I am actually being modest. Go, Girl!

Sonal Maherali. PHOTO/COURTESY

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