Today’s artistes are foolish kids, says singer TID

Legendary Tanzanian singer Khalid Mohamed, better known Top in Dar es Salaam (TID), has termed today’s contemporary artistes as ‘foolish kids’ who are not gifted and only rely on technology to make their compositions sound good.

Speaking to EATV’s Planet Bongo show on Monday (November 16); TID said if his talent were to make him rich, he would have been wealthier than all artistes.

“Modern day technology has really assisted these kids (artistes) of today. They don’t know how to sing at all. They are very foolish,” he quipped.

“During our times, we did not have the advantage of technology; social media wasn’t there. We should be wealthier than these kids.”

The 34-year-old musician added that today’s breed of artistes have forgotten the foundations and principles of composing and singing quality music.

“Technology has made them (musicians) forget the principles of composing meaningful hits. We will now be forced to school them,” stated the Zeze hit maker.

TID said he and other ‘legendary’ artistes have joined hands to improve what they had started.

“I think we (pioneer artistes) put a lot of effort in what we did,” he noted.

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