Timmy T. Dat: I’m sorry for exposing woman indecently


Musician Timmy T. Dat has apologised for indecently exposing a female fan while performing on stage during Mr Eazi’s concert held at Ngong Racecourse last Saturday.

Timmy was accused by top publicist Anyiko Owoko, among other online users, of demeaning the female fan.

Timmy is said to have invited the woman to the stage, where he asked her to bend, with her behind facing the crowd.

Anyiko said Timmy, thereafter, pulled up her dress, leaving the woman’s bottom and innerwear exposed.

Anyiko shared her gripe on networking site, Facebook, last weekend.

Her post read: “I will be the first to correct something that I find wrong. I am sick and tired of male artistes mishandling women on stage and what Timmy T. Dat has done at his performance at Mr. Eazi’s concert is unacceptable, disgusting and disrespectful!

“He called up a lady on stage to dance with him and as she was bending her back – he pulled up her dress to expose her full butt and her yellow panties to the crowd’s dismay! WTH is this? Should not be ok for any artiste or person to do that to a woman or a man. Must stop! Must be condemned!”

Timmy now says he is sorry for that unfortunate incident. He spoke to Hot96 FM radio hosts Willis Raburu and Lulu Saidi on Tuesday, March 10.

Below is his apology, which he gave to Hot96 FM:

“I want to take this opportunity to apologise to my fans and everyone, who took offence at whatever that happened at the Ngong Racecourse last Saturday.

“I was too confident. The crowd, also, charged me. The girl on stage was also very energetic. Sadly, it culminated to that. I want to take full responsibility for whatever that happened that day.

“As an artiste on stage, I should have controlled that urge. It will never happen again. I wish to promise positive vibes and energetic performances going forward. To the boy child, who felt that I did not represent them well, I send my apologies to them. To the girl child, I love you and will forever protect you. I am sorry.”


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