Are you an‘A’ student with fee problem? Nicki Minaj can help; here is how


If things go as Nicki Minaj has planned, Kenyan students might not need HELB to take them through university. Nicki Minaj is paying student loans, debts, university fees and funding other educational needs of her fans. What started out as a joke from her fan on Twitter asking her to pay for her tuition turned into a full-blown scholarship awarding spree.

Initially, the rapper had intended to fly in fans from any country in the world as part of her #RegretsInYourTearsChallenge. One fan, who was seemingly appalled at the amount of money to be used to fly in the fans, asked her to pay her tuition fees instead.

Nicki took her up on the offer. Not only has she paid a number of her fans’ tuition fees, she has also offset long standing student loans and bills. The Anaconda songstress went as far as purchasing key equipment that her fans needed for their education, like audio visual equipment for her fans taking photography-related courses.

However, there is a catch to the offer. You have to show Nicki your straight As. Got it? Straight As that she will have to verify with your institution in order to be eligible for the ‘scholarship’. This must be a tough time for the students who were unfortunate enough to go to school during the Matiang’i era. Or those students who ditched their studies because they wanted to be rappers. Even big rappers know how important education is.

Nicki’s love for her fans is phenomenal. Just recently, she had a video conversation with fifteen year old fan upon his mother’s request. The boy who suffered from cancer was in his last chemotherapy session.

If you missed this first ‘disbursement’, worry not. Nicki tweeted that she will be doing that same thing in a few months time. Want to be part of the beneficiaries of Nicki Fund? Better keep those As coming!


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