Tiffah’s birthday: Zari, Mobetto showdown looms following Diamond’s tough talk

Zari Hassan has washed her hands and kept off preparations of her daughter Latiffah Dangote’s birthday party slated for August 17.

Tiffah’s birthday is on August 6, but the celebrations have been postponed by 11 days, with Diamond saying the party would be one to be remembered years to come.

Zari is unbothered about the musician’s heavy talk, despite Diamond insisting the party must go on – with or without Zari’s input.

And this party, according to inside sources, is being organised in Diamond’s hub in Madale, Dar es Salaam.

The musician’s mother, Sanura Kassim, aka Bi Sandra, is the lead planner of the event.

“Zari Hassan is fuming, I can tell you. She and Diamond have differed sharply over the planning of Tiffah’s 3rd birthday party,” said a source, who spoke to EDAILY on phone.

Another source told Tanzania’s Global Publishers that Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have failed to strike an agreement on which companies will sponsor their daughter’s birthday celebrations in South Africa.

This comes as either party vouches for a firm that they’ve looked for separately.

On Instagram, Diamond Platnumz is all over the platform hyping his daughter’s birthday party, while Zari Hassan remains quiet and unconcerned about the whole issue.

The birthday party, according to insiders, will be held for six days continuously, with a heavy delegation from Tanzania planned to make their way to S.A. for Tiffah’s soiree.

Diamond Platnumz is being pressurized by Hamisa Mobetto’s team, which is insisting the “Make Me Sing” star must carry with him Prince Dylan, who is Mobetto’s son.

According to Diamond Platnumz, “there is no problem” if Dylan and his mother tag along for Tiffah’s birthday.

“Hamisa Mobetto, who is my fellow parent, and her mother [Shufaa Lutigunga], will accompany me to South Africa for Tiffah’s birthday party,” Diamond Platnumz told Global Publishers.

When asked why he thinks Zari is not concerned about the birthday plans, Diamond said: “All preparations are ongoing [that is what matters]. And I plan to book a plane for my fellow parent [Mobetto] and our son. It would be good for my children to celebrate their sister’s big day,” said Diamond.

Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, says the party will be “one of a kind”.

The musician’s mother further said she holds no grudge against Mobetto or her son, Prince Dylan, promising to grace his birthday party if she gets invited.

It would be interesting to see if Zari Hassan would welcome Mobetto to South Africa, given the two have had a bitter relationship in the past, with Zari accusing Mobetto of being a “cheap home-wrecker”.

In a recent Instagram post, Zari said she does not want to see Wema Sepetu or any of Diamond’s women, including Hamisa, at the 3rd birthday party of her daughter.

Let the showdown come!


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