Tiffah’s birthday party aborts as Diamond, Zari’s interests clash

Zari Hassan finally reveals what is keeping her from marrying Diamond Platnumz

The differences between musician Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama, Zari Hassan, spoiled the preparations of their daughter Latiffah Dangote’s birthday party, Global Publishers says.

The two parents had entered into a deal with a company, which had accepted to fully sponsor Latiffah’s August 17 birthday party in South Africa on condition that Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz publicises the firm on their social media pages.

Diamond Platnumz accepted the deal, and posted the firm’s advertisements on his social media pages, whereas Zari Hassan, who had initially accepted the bargain, turned her back on it.

Global Publishers says Diamond Platnumz pleaded with Zari Hassan to meet her obligation in the deal, but she remained adamant, even as days to Tiffah’s birthday fast-approached.

On the material day for the soiree – August 17, the firm pulled out of the deal, saying it wasn’t going to finance the 3-year-old’s birthday celebrations, given Zari and Diamond did not collectively meet their obligation as had been agreed.

When reached for comment, Diamond’s mum, Sanura Kassim, who was at the forefront in publicizing the party on her social media pages, said they would continue planning the celebrations.

Global Publishers says as for now, none of Diamond’s family members wants to talk about the aborted party, given the embarrassment it caused the family.


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