Three men stab unintended target in the chest several times as fight over woman ends tragically


Two men from Ikolomani in Kakamega County were on Friday, September 1 arrested on suspicion of killing another, when a fight broke out over a woman.

The suspects were part of a three-man group that trailed the now-deceased, who was in the company of the woman, when the two were heading to a disco matanga on a motorbike Thursday night.

The motorbike carrying the woman and the now-deceased broke down on the way, when the suspects ambushed them, with one of them stabbing the man in the chest several times, killing him on the spot.

The three men suspected that the now-deceased was a man, who had snatched the woman from one of them. That was not the case, as the deceased was not their target.

The woman’s alleged lover, whom they were looking for, was not part of the group that was heading to the matanga.

“During the day, one man, who later killed a person not supposed to be their target, said he would kill a friend of mine over a woman. The lady had lived with the suspect for one week, when the suspect began telling people that she was his wife. The woman, before choosing to cohabit with the suspect, was the girlfriend of my friend. On the fateful night, the suspect killed the other man, who was in the company of the lady, thinking that he was the woman’s immediate former lover.”

The woman’s immediate lover now fears for his life, given he was the target of the attack by the three men.

“My life is in danger. She was my girlfriend, he took her; but we got back together.”

Two of the three suspects have since been arrested, as police continue to look for the third person.

An investigation into the murder has been launched.




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