This is what President Obama said about Mitchelle running for office


United States President Barack Obama has refuted claims that his wife,the first lady Mitchelle Obama will be running for office.

During an interview on Sway In the morning show, President Obama told @realsway that Mitchelle will never run for office.

“She is talented, brilliant but she doesn’t have the patience of upholding the Nation to actually be a candidate herself,that’s one thing y’all can take to the bank…” said President Obama

However,President Obama praised the first lady  by her projects of mentoring young girls and making sure they get access to education.

“But she’s gonna be just as Iam,we are going to be a lot of work together.

Meanwhile Obama continued to urge everybody to vote in Hillary Clinton as their next 45th US president. “Any young person whose listening,who cares about the things we’ve been able to do around issues like the criminal justice system,LGBT, providing health care to people and making sure that college is affordable,if you will vote for me,then the choice  should be  close,you should be voting for Hillary Clinton she will carry on the legacy I’m leaving  behind” remarked Obama

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