This is what happened: Police boss gives details on MP Mwaura’s alleged assassination attempt


Ruiru OCPD, Isaac Thuranira, has rubbished an allegation by ODM nominated MP Isaac Mwaura that his political rival attempted to assassinate him on Tuesday evening while he, Mwaura, was launching a boda boda shed project in Githurai Kimbo in Ruiru Constituency.

Isaac Mwaura, who was injured on his ear during an altercation between his supporters and those of Ruiru MP aspirant Simon King’ara, claims that sheds, which he had built for boda boda operators in Mumbi area, were uprooted and replaced by those built by Mr King’ara.

“It was an assassination attempt. A bullet has pierced my left ear and car sprayed with bullets. I have been rushed to Nairobi Hospital,” wrote Mr Mwaura on Facebook on Tuesday evening, attaching photos showing him bleeding from the ear.

The assassination claims by Mr Mwaura have since been debunked by Ruiru OCPD, Isaac Thuranira, who, actually, countered Mr Mwaura’s narrative – that his sheds were brought down by Mr King’ara’s supporters.

“Drama ensued at Mumbi area in Githurai Kimbo when supporters of nominated MP Isaac Mwaura and Ruiru parliamentary aspirant, Simon King’ara, clashed. Mr King’ara had built a shed that is to be used by boda boda operators in the area. So, on Tuesday evening, he went to launch the project. When MP Mwaura got wind that Mr King’ara was at Mumbi area, he went there too, hoping to politically ride on the launch of a project that was not really his.

“When supporters of King’ara spotted Mwaura and his team, confrontation ensued between them, resulting in stones being pelted at either camp by the supporters of each. I think a stone struck Mwaura on the ear, hence the bruise. I can confirm that there was no bullet used by the camp which was protesting Mwaura’s presence at the Mumbi event,” OCPD Thuranira told eDaily.

MP Mwaura recorded statement at a Ruiru police station.

Simon King’ara and Isaac Mwaura have expressed interest in running for Ruiru MP in August 8 general election; a seat currently occupied by Esther Gathogo. Both Mwaura and King’ara will battle it out for the Jubilee ticket on April 21.


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