This is the type of woman I’ll want my son to marry: Ommy Dimpoz’s father


The father of celebrated Tanzanian musician Ommy Dimpoz has listed the qualities of a wife he would want his son to look out for, when choosing a lifetime partner.

Faraji Nyembo says most men today prioritise physical beauty, when hunting for a spouse.

Nyembo urges young men, especially his son, to deem the following qualities as the most important, when looking for a wife: fear of God, great planning skills, wisdom and home-making abilities.

“You know Dimpoz is his mother’s only child, and his mother is now late. When looking for a woman to settle down with, he should get a God-fearing one, who will be proud of him and be a good partner to him. He should tie the knot with a woman who will be like a mother to him. He shouldn’t prioritise a woman’s physique, facial features or celebrity status,” said Nyembo.

Ommy Dimpoz is recovering at his Tanzania home after undergoing a throat surgery in South Africa in April, 2018.

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