This is the cause of recent school fires, says former queen of Chakacha Princess Farida


Princess Farida Migwalla, the former ‘Queen of Chakacha’, says the cause of recent fires that rip through dormitories and structures in secondary schools is satanic invasion which is sweeping across regions.

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Terming the invasion as “the devil’s fart”, Farida says she had a dream nearly three weeks ago which she could not fathom, but later, God interceded and interpreted what the dream meant.

According to her, the devil is bent on shaking up the world – and ruining peace which for long has been a fabric across the globe’s seven continents.

“Three weeks ago the Lord showed me the devil “farting” akiharibu hewa. I didn’t understand what it meant at that time, slowly God began to show me how the enemy has released unrest and upheaval in the atmosphere not only in Kenya but globally,” read Princess Farida’s July 24 Facebook post.

“And this time he is targeting masses especially malls, stadiums, schools, churches etc. The recent waves of unrest (school fires), is proof that the enemy is targeting destruction of masses. Let us take our place as a church and stop his plans and put in God’s plan through intercession,” added Princess Farida.

Confusion and worry has engulfed education administrators, parents and students as more than 100 government secondary schools in Kenya have been set alight in 2016.

Many of the arson incidents have been blamed on students.

The reason behind these attacks, however, remains unclear, but it comes amid a government crackdown on exam cheating among other reforms to the education sector.

Some secondary schools have been shut down completely, and nearly 6,000 students sent home indefinitely.

Several more schools were torched last week through this week, with the latest incident reported Wednesday, July 27 at Nyandarua Boys’ High School in Nyandarua County.



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