This is Satanic! Matatu preacher loses it after receiving 1 bob offering


Don’t tell this Nairobi matatu preacher about the Lesson of The Widow’s Two Mites after he went berserk for receiving Ksh.1 as offering.

The Bible tells of a tale of the woman who gave her last two coins and that meant more before God than all the gold and money the rich men brought.

If you are a frequent user of public transport in Kenya like majority of us are, then you have encountered the preachers who just pop out of nowhere and proceed to share the Word.

There are those who hate them as they deem it as disruptive and noisy but there are a few who are blessed by their unprovoked services and prayers.

After the end of their “sermons” which usually depend on how bad the traffic is, they usually turn to their “congregants” and ask for an offering to help them spread the Word even further.

Usually, they never say how much they want, most just say “Nipatie na chochote ulichonacho” (Just give whatever you have) and a few people go back to their pockets and whatever is given, the preachers receive with a lot of gratitude.

But one preacher absolutely lost it when one of the congregants gave him Ksh.1 as offering.

In a video shared by Twitter user Brian Mutinda (@brianmutinda_) the preacher can be heard lecturing the passengers wondering how one “can give a man of God who will bury you, such money.”

“Unaweza pea mtoto wako hii, (can you give this to your child?) you can’t, how come you can give me, a man of God…” the agitated preacher asks a passenger thrusting the money on his face.

Things then take a turn for worse when the preacher labels the offering as “satanic.”

“It’s satanic, evil mind…” he said. “Hauwezi ukatoa kitu kama hii, hata kama hauelewi, ni mbaya sana, hata ukipata kwa gari hauwezi okota. (You cannot give something like this… even if you found inside the matatu, you can’t pick.”

He claimed he did not know who gave him the money saying he realised later saying that is “despising God.”

“Hii ni kumdharau Mungu.”

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