This is how the Govt. should deal with ‘sponsors’ – Kirinyaga Woman Rep


Kirinyaga Woman Representative Wangui Ngirichi now wants a law to be introduced to rein in on sugar daddies, who are exploiting young women sexually.

Speaking at Kenyatta University main campus – during the International Day of the Girl Child celebrations on Thursday, October 11 –, Ms Ngirichi suggested that the sugar daddies’ “things” should be “squeezed” should it be discovered that they exploited women sexually.

“Parliament should put in place laws to punish these ‘sponsors’, who are ruining our girls’ lives. These [shameless] men should be squeezed…,” she said.

Journalists, thereafter, inquired what she meant, when she said they should be “squeezed”.

Ms Ngirichi responded, saying: “Their things should be squeezed”, without elaborating further. Cheeky laughers followed her statement.

It remains unclear the premises Ms Ngirichi was founding her proposal on, given consensual sex among adults of the opposite gender is allowed in law in Kenya.

Besides Ms Ngirichi, the Deputy President William Ruto’s wife, Rachel Ruto – who also attended the event –, advised young women against receiving money and material favours from ‘sponsors’.

“Dignified women do not sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry,” said Mrs Ruto.

“As girls, you are a gift to the world,” she said, adding: “This issue of ‘sponsors’ should not be [a] part of your lives.”

“You do not need to get money from a man to survive. Many of these people will only take you for granted. I pray that in Kenyatta University and other institutions of higher learning in our nation, that girls can be resilient to be able to say ‘no’ to sponsors. I encourage you to be a listener as a girl child,” said Rachel Ruto.

Rachel Ruto used the event, whose theme was “Empowering Girls Before and After Conflict” to launch “Somesha Msichana” initiative.

Besides Ms Ngirichi, who is the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) chairperson, Rachel Ruto was accompanied to the function by Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris.

The ‘sponsor’ culture has – of late – gained impetus among young university-going students.

The sugar daddies receive sexual benefits from the young women, who, on their part are given money, material possessions and luxurious lifestyles.

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