Thieving chief slapped by the long arm of the law, cools his heels in police cell


A thieving administrator, who is accused of conspiring with rustlers to steal livestock from Isiolo residents, has been slapped by the long arm of the law, and he is now in police custody.

Chief Benjamin William Lerosion has also been indicted of demanding bribes from livestock owners to facilitate repossession of missing animals.

Isiolo County Deputy Commissioner Mwachaunga Chaunga says early April this year, 11 camels went missing in Burat area and when two were found, the other nine were traced back to the suspect’s homestead.

Residents say the chief has not shown commitment in the fight against theft of livestock.

Mpesa records show that the administrator has received close to KSh10, 000 from distraught families whose livestock were made away with.

Mr Chaunga says police are investigating Mr Lerosion.

If it will emerge that he bears responsibility of livestock theft in Isiolo – either partially or fully –, Mr Lerosion will be relieved of his duties and arraigned before court to face charges of theft and abuse of office.

The hunter has seemingly become the hunted as this government official has landed himself on the wrong side of the law.


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