They used Passaris to set you up, Miguna tells Jeff Koinange

Controversial Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful Miguna Miguna now claims that unnamed powerful “cartels” used city businesswoman Esther Passaris to set Jeff Koinange up so that they could find a reason to terminate his contract with broadcaster KTN.

“@KoinangeJeff you have been a valued friend. The cartels used @EstherPassaris to set you up. Don’t fall into their crooked tricks,” Miguna tweeted on Wednesday, November 25.

The controversial advocate further claimed that the decision to terminate Mr Koinange’s contract with the broadcaster was arrived at right after he (Miguna) negatively mentioned a former of head of state in the programme Jeff Koinange Live.

Miguna implied that Passaris was used to provoke him into making statements which would be deemed offensive by sections, and the “cartels” would thereafter have “valid” reasons to end Jeff Koinange’s contract with the broadcaster.

Miguna’s allegation counters half way his last week’s statement, where he blamed both Passaris and Jeff Koinange for his lewd on-air remarks.

Miguna had made sexually aggressive comments toward Passaris.

“During the debate, I clearly stated to Jeff Koinange that I didn’t want to attack Passaris but both Jeff and Passaris insisted on the line of questioning and direction the ‘debate’ took. I have tremendous respect for women but I don’t respect hypocrites and opportunists who use their gender to seek or obtain advantages that they don’t deserve,” said Miguna in a statement on November 17.

Jeff Koinange ended his contract with KTN on Thursday, November 24, following the controversial Miguna-Passaris interview which sparked fury in sections of society.

Speaking on JKL’s Inspirational Thursday, on November 24, Jeff Koinange said he owns up to where he fell short in moderating Miguna-Passaris interview.

“About a week ago right here on JKL we had a programme that degenerated to something extremely ugly. People out there probably thought I should have done a better job in controlling my guests, I agree. But in a live television programme, it is always difficult. I agree. I am man enough to man up today (Thursday, November 24).

“And if there is anyone who was aggrieved by that show (Miguna-Passaris interview); and one who felt that it wasn’t up to par or I did not do a good job, I apologise so that we can move on. It was regrettable, but again it was one show – the 300th that we’ve done with KTN in the last three years. If there is one or two (that sparked controversy) then it was regrettable, and we apologise.”

“And having said that, this will be the final Jeff Koinange Live – right here on KTN. But rest assured all of you watching tonight, Jeff Koinange Live will be back on another station in the coming weeks. JKL is not going anywhere, it is just changing homes,” said Jeff Koinange.


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