They have 14-year age gap: Willy Paul comes clean on his ‘wedding’ to Alaine

Kenyans online took to social media last week to express their reservations to Willy Paul’s alleged wedding to Jamaican singer, Alaine Laughton.

Well, the gripe and excitement has died down and Willy Paul has come clean about the photos he shared on social media, showing him dressed in a suave and deferential suit, while his ‘bride’, Alaine, looked gorgeous in a white wedding gown.

Willy Paul has now told EDAILY that the photos were obtained from a wedding scene in their upcoming music video.

“Alaine and I worked on a music video, a song we are yet to release. Photos you’ve seen on social media were obtained from scenes of the music video,” said Willy Paul.

Asked if the wedding translated into a real-life event, given Kenyans online had raised issue with a 14-year age gap between Willy Paul, 24 and Alaine, 38, the Fanya hitmaker said: “On my reported marriage to Alaine, I won’t reveal much. But wacha nichunguze hiyo mambo ya age gap (Let me investigate the issue of age gap between Alaine and myself).”

Well, my take: One rarely marries a partner without knowing, or at least having a rough idea, about their partner’s age. Somehow, this indirectly confirms that Willy Pozze and Alaine Laughton were brought together by a sole project.

And as Willy Paul confirms, they “worked on a music video”. Just that.


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