These are the most hilarious #1stWeekOfJanuaryIsWhen tweets

Sorry guys, the holiday is over.

No more lounging lazily by the hotel poolside sipping tropical drinks as you bask in the afternoon sun. No more mid-week parties and random meet ups.

No more waking up at 10:00am and ordering breakfast delivery because you are too lazy to cook. No more swiping your card at a restaurant without checking the bill.

This is Njaanuary.

This is the month that seems to have no end; one that will test your ability to stretch the shilling. #1stWeekOfJanuaryIsWhen you start googling quick loans, and dialing up the numbers of those who you lent cash to in 2015.

This is something that Kenyans on Twitter know all too well, judging by the number of tweets on the chart topping hash tag #1stWeekOfJanuaryIsWhen.

Here’s are some of the funniest tweets by #KOT:

Unlike December where people were busy flashing Ksh1000 notes without care for lower denominations, people will go to extraordinary lengths to get that “small money”.

Friends who bought you pricey drinks and gourmet lunches are now finding creative ways to turn you down when you ask for cash.

Okoa 100, 50, 20 or 10? All the above, please!

Yikes! Is that the landlord approaching?

In the 45-day month, the tune changes from materialistic party songs to pious melodies.

And during this week, you begin to doubt your eyesight when you look at your account balance.

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