The two times gospel singer Size 8 almost lost her pregnancy

Kenyan gospel singer Linet Munyali-Muraya, better known by her stage name Size 8 Reborn, has revealed that she almost lost her pregnancy twice during her second trimester.

“I almost lost my pregnancy on two occasions,” Size 8 exclusively told eDaily.

Size 8 recounts going through a turbulent time which resulted in her developing high blood pressure; her late mum was unwell.

The Mateke star says the hypertension affected her placenta – a useful organ that supplies the baby with adequate oxygen and nutrients.

“When my late mum was critically ill, I got hypertension. I was so close to her. The condition affected my placenta. Most of the times, I was in and out of hospital. I was thus rushed to the emergency room twice. My blood pressure had risen above normal, and it was not good for the baby,” recalls Size 8.

Timeliness in being rushed to a Nairobi hospital for urgent care saved the unborn baby’s life.

Size 8 says her condition forced her to be away from the glare of the public.

“That explains why I left the limelight during my pregnancy; some parts of my body had swollen because of high blood pressure. Surviving the trying moment twice made me value my baby – that explains why I upload her photos on all my social media platforms; and also talk about her everywhere I go to,” Size 8 said.

The gospel bigwig says she has shared her story to encourage women who could be facing pregnancy challenges similar to hers.

“The Bible says they defeated the devil by the words of the testimony and the blood of Jesus Christ – through me testifying about that baby, the devil was defeated. I gave birth to the baby when she was the size of stick – my placenta was affected; she wasn’t getting sufficient food. But look at Ladasha today, she is a healthy baby. One day I will share her photo when she was a newborn.”

Complete ‘photocopy’ of DJ Mo

Baby Ladasha resembles her dad, DJ Mo, more than the mum.

Does that spark jealousy in Size 8?

“Imagine she is the copy and paste of her dad. It makes me feel like I was just an incubator. But, haina noma, wacha babake afurahie (there’s no problem, let the father take joy in the resemblance),” she says.

The singer gave birth to baby Ladasha Belle Wambui in November 19, 2015 – a day before the singer’s mother Esther Njeri Munyali passed on.

Size 8’s mother succumbed to kidney-related illness in November, 20 2015 after a long battle with the condition.


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