The troubles of Diamond Platnumz’s ex Wema Sepetu in details


Wema Isaac Abraham Sepetu, 27, is not new to controversy.

The Tanzanian beauty queen’s life attracts close following by fans that identify with her and those who find joy in hating on her.

She has been broken to pieces several times. She has collected and reassembled herself an equal number of times.

eDaily looks at the roller coaster that is Wema Sepetu’s life.

Aborted the late Steve Kanumba’s

It is no longer a secret that Wema Sepetu aborted the baby of the late Tanzanian actor Steve Kanumba, close to five years ago – a decision she says she profoundly regrets.

Wema conceived the renowned actor’s child when she was just 18 – and she says she “wasn’t ready to become a mother.”

Wema Sepetu in June 2015 told ZMaradi Mketema of Clouds Television that she has aborted only once.

“I aborted once – and it was Steve Kanumba’s baby. I am being honest. I was 18 and I feared my parents as I was still living with them.”

That decision would later come to haunt her – as she now, at 27, struggles to conceive.

Diamond Platnumz ditches her

Wema Sepetu moved on and dated Tanzanian great Diamond Platnumz – from 2011 to 2014.

She reveals they tried to conceive, but their efforts bore no fruit.

“I recount when I was dating Diamond Platnumz we tried to get a baby together, but all was in vain. We visited several reproductive health experts and I even took traditional medicine but I wasn’t lucky.”

The two would later break up, with Wema confessing in 2015 that Diamond was ‘the one that got away’.

Mocked for being childless

Living in a community that espouses traditional African notions about women’s’ fertility, Wema has been mocked by some fans over her childlessness.

Understandably, these words hurt her greatly.

“If only I was able to have a child I would have given birth a long time ago, but I can’t. No, I will not blame God for the situation I am currently in. Should I keep telling you people how much I struggle day and night to have a baby of my own, is that what you want? Your reckless comments about why I am unable to have a child are so hurtful. I understand time is of the essence but it’s not right to keep rubbing it in. I am also human please care to care,” she said in April, 2015.

She would confine herself in her bedroom and shed torrents of tears – and when she accepted her fate, she embarked on dating Idris Sultan – 2014 Big Brother Hotshots winner.

Range Rover auctioned

Wema Sepetu’s top-of-the-range guzzler was impounded by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) after it emerged that Wema had not paid customs duty on the vehicle when she acquired it September, 2015.

TRA put the Range Rover Evoque on auction for TSh200 million (Ksh9.3 million) as Wema was unable to raise that amount of money needed to secure its release.

Wema gifted herself with the venerable automobile when she celebrated her 27th birthday.

Put on the spot for defaulting electricity payment

Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) in December, 2015 exposed Wema Sepetu for defaulting power payment.

The power company had conducted an impromptu power unit check on homesteads in the country; and identified nonpayers.

TANESCO identified Wema Sepetu as a defaulter who owed the firm TSh8,200,496.20 (KSh394,044).

Loses twins

Good news – Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan announce in January 2016 that they are expecting twins.

Bad news – Wema Sepetu suffered miscarriage in February, 2016.

“I was pregnant. I learnt about it in December, 2015 after conducting several tests both personally and at the doctor’s. I lost the pregnancy at three months and my mother blamed me for announcing news about my pregnancy too early.”

The short span that marked transition from good to bad news made fans question if indeed Wema Sepetu was expectant.

Tanzanian hip hop star Nay wa Mitego even composed a song Shika Adabu Yako that termed Wema’s pregnancy a scam.

Despite the entire zigzag in her life, Wema Sepetu has remained upbeat and is regarded as one of the most talented actresses in the East and Central Africa region.

The award-winning performer is also a model and entrepreneur.


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