The price of Starehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo’s suit that has everyone talking

Sterehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo claims that the most expensive suit in his wardrobe is $8000 (Ksh.800, 000).

Known for his flashiness and bespoke dressing, this writer sought to find out the most expensive attire in Steve Mbogo’s closet.

He said: “I have Canali, Massimo Dutti and Masimo Bossi suits. The most expensive in my closet goes for Ksh.800, 000. That is a gift I bought myself. If I dress in that suit and go for a meeting, believe you me I am going to strike that deal. If I stand in front of you in that suit, I am more confident to challenge any question you would ask me,” he said.

Well, United States President Donald Trump wears Brioni, whose suits often set you back $6,000 (Ksh.600, 000) to $17,000 (Ksh.1.7 million), according to Business Insider.

Based on deductive thinking, a single suit in Mbogo’s closet could be more expensive than one of American billionaire President, Trump. Huh?

Steve Mbogo says he gets his wealth from Real Estate, mining, importing and selling electronic commodities from China, and investing in shares in more than 40 local and international companies.

Okay. I let it rest there.

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