The houses are not yours, Raila. How will you reduce rent rates in urban settings? – DP Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto has mocked Opposition chief Raila Odinga’s pledge that he (Odinga) will put up measures to reduce rent rates in urban settings if he is elected President in the August 8 general poll.

Odinga had made the pledge via a Citizen TV interview on Thursday, May 4, when he was interviewed by Hussein Mohamed at Odinga’s Karen home. He (Odinga) said that rent rates will be lowered in nearly all urban settings in his first 90 days of Presidency.

“I recently heard the other guy (Raila) claiming that he will put up measures to reduce rent rates in the country if he is elected President on August 8. Let me ask: are the houses his?” posed Ruto while addressing Jubilee Party Delegates convention at the Bomas of Kenya on Saturday, May 6.

Ruto faulted the Opposition’s development agenda, saying that they are egocentric – and are only bent on sharing political power instead of providing solutions and leadership to Kenyans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta indirectly took a swipe at Odinga’s development agenda, saying that he (Odinga) “only knows how to talk about problems but does not know how to solve the problems”.

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