The depression menace and how it leads to suicide among Kenyan youth

Have you ever asked yourself what drives young people to the point of taking their own lives? What really pushes them to the point they decide that they want it all to end?

Depression is the number one cause of death among the youth in our society today. Majority of the youth are perishing because of this menace; which comes about due to such reasons as lack of jobs, failed relationships, social media glam, and loneliness.

Whenever depression kicks in, a large number of young people tend to keep to themselves, opting to find solace in drugs and alcohol, instead of taking the bold step of opening up and talking to someone close about what exactly it is that they’re going through. And we understand that some people may not help, but a problem half told is a problem half solved, right?

Young people in the Kenyan social setting today tend to be depressed when they lack jobs; when they feel like they don not fit in the society; when they feel like their mates are way ahead of them in in life and are looking like they have ‘arrived’ on social media.

When a young person feels like their lives are stagnant and then sees their fellow mates posting photos and videos of their accomplishments in life, the good food they partake as well as the posh places they visit and the expensive things they buy, they end up wallowing in depression.

A 29-year-old boy from Nyandarua took his own life on June 25, 2018, after posting a suicide note on Facebook indicating his intention and reasons.

Five years ago, in Moi University, Eldoret, a first-year student committed suicide by hanging from a tree in his rural home in Makueni following a dispute with his parents.

These, among many other scenarios that have become all too familiar to us, are clear indications of how serious the issue of depression and suicide are and should be taken.

The scourge of depression among young Kenyans is raising eyebrows and young people need to start seeking help instead of going to such extreme measures.

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