Tell retired President Moi we are sorry, Bishop pleads with community

Retired President Daniel Moi [PHOTO/COURTESY]

Bungoma Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of All Nations (P.E.F.A) Bishop Maurice Wanjala has urged members of the Bukusu community to apologise to retired President Daniel Moi for “mistreating” him in 1992 when the then-head of state toured the region.

Speaking in Webuye at a recent function, Wanjala said Bungoma residents put witchcraft tools on the road which Moi was to use to access Nzoia area, leading to the breakdown of the former President’s car before he could reach his destination.

The area residents opted for such a move to express their disgruntlement with the then-administration for “neglecting” the region in development projects.

Wanjala said since members of the community disrespected a God-chosen leader, they will never ascend to presidency, unless local leaders organise and send a delegation to apologise to the retired President.


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