Teenager shot several times as erection is mistaken for gun

A 17-year-old boy is nursing serious gunshot wounds at the Detroit Medical Centre after his public erection got mistaken for a gun.

Jamal Freeman was in line at the Detroit Liberty Bank when the incident took place. The bank teller, Sandy Heinrich, reportedly saw a bulge in the teenager’s trouser and mistook it for a concealed weapon. She claimed that she saw Jamal reach for something in his pant and pressed the alarm button.

Two guards answered to the alarm, and seriously beat up Jamal. They would later be joined by four other policemen who shot the escaping Jamal a record twelve times. Jamal would later surrender to the police some six blocks away from the bank.


No weapons were found on the teenager and he has since been cleared of robbery charges. However, Jamal’s mum, Jennabelle Freeman, is not taking the incident lightly. She said it was yet another racism attack, maintaining that if Jamal was white, he would never have been attacked that brutally.

Ms Freeman added that her son has always had a big penis and that his dad even nicknamed him the “Big Black Boa” when he was a kid. The irate mum said that it was a fact that African American men had bigger manhoods than their white counterparts, but this was no reason to shoot someone.

Jamal is now in an artificially induced coma as he receives medication.

Whereas the robbery charges have been dropped, public indecency charges may still be leveled against him.


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