Tedd Josiah mourns The death of his wife


Tedd Josiah is mourning. The award-winning mega-producer just lost his wife and the love of his life, due to a sudden illness.

Tedd and his wife, Reginah Katar, just welcomed a newborn child, a girl. She is now three-months-old.

Regina was a bubbly soul and she had plans to launch her own clothing line.

“New clothing line coming soon, as seen from my previous posts.Had taken a break cause of my pregnancy.It wasn’t an easy journey for me but now my baby is 3 months old and I’m back in business ??.#momprenur# No time to laze about?…COMING SOON❗️” read one of her recent Instagram posts.

Tedd Josiah’s family

Tedd Josiah broke the news of her sudden death in a moving tribute on his Facebook page.

“Dear friends, (Real friends) very few people knew about my princess Reginah Katar because we kept our private life out of the spotlight & focused on building the family we both had dreamt and longed for. When we found each other we built back the broken pieces we both had and God blessed us with little miss Jay Jay. We went through a very tough 9 months to get her but eventually, we managed.

Sadly Reginah passed on yesterday morning from a sudden illness and has left the two of us to try figure things out. Her family and friends are all deeply saddened and shocked.

I ask for your prayers for me and my little 3-month-old princess as we mourn the loss of our Angel ? who gave Both of us life.”



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