Tears, fond memories as Lulu Hassan, Citizen TV bid Kanze Dena goodbye after years of service – VIDEO


Citizen Television news anchor Kanze Dena presented her last Nipashe Wikendi news bulletin on Sunday, June 10 as she prepares to take up her new responsibility as the deputy head of the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU).

Tears, dance, fond memories, cakes, emotional speeches, songs and love marked Ms Dena’s farewell moment.

A teary Kanze Dena recounted her experience of gracing your screen for 15 years.

She joined Citizen TV in March, 2007. Until then, she was a news anchor at national broadcaster KBC.

She said, in her farewell speech, Sunday: “All was possible because of God and individual discipline.”

Ms Dena thanked the entire Citizen TV family, ranging from Royal Media Services Ltd Chairman Dr S.K. Macharia, deputy Chair Gathoni Macharia, Managing Director Wachira Waruru, TV editors, fellow anchors, reporters, camera persons, among other staff members.

Her co-anchor, Lulu Hassan, who has been akin to a sister to her [Kanze], also had an emotional speech Sunday as she and her “twin” separate after working alongside each other for several years.

“In whatever work that you do, be it small or big, ensure that you put God at the forefront of your plans. He has a way of lifting those who bow before Him,” said Ms Dena.

“It was such a journey; and such a pleasure working with you. I wish you well too, Lulu Hassan,” added Ms Dena.

“This day is sad to us, the Citizen TV family. However, it is a day for Kanze Dena to embark on a new task; a new journey. I wish her well,” said Lulu Hassan.

Citizen TV reporters Mercy Kandie, Stephen Letoo, Jacque Maribe, Hassan Mugambi, among others led a song and dance group that bid farewell to Kanze Dena, as she cut her last cakes at Citizen TV.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on June 5 appointed Ms Dena as Deputy State House Spokesperson.

In a statement by Chief of Staff, Nzioka Waita, Kanze will take up leadership of the core communications teams; including digital, messaging, research, branding and press.

Ms Dena has been tasked to focus on President Kenyatta’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery of the Big Four agenda.

EDAILY  wishes her well as she embarks on serving the Nation.

At the same time – on June 5 – Munira Mohamed was appointed to the role of Deputy Head, PSCU, and head of the Presidential Library.

Ms Mohamed will lead a team to design and develop the library; develop storylines and themes for both permanent and temporary public exhibitions; carry out research work and collect material relevant to the Presidential Library, Museum and Exhibition Centre.

“In this new role Ms. Mohamed will work closely with the families of Kenya’s first three Presidents, as well as the State Department of Heritage, to decide on important speeches, papers, books, artworks, artifacts and other materials to preserve and exhibit,” the June 5 statement read.





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