Team Mafisi now recognised by law



Team Mafisi is now a legally registered foundation.

The foundation was registered last Tuesday by the Non Governmental Organization.

NGO boss Fazul Mohamed handed a certificate to the founder of the organization Wilson Muirania, popularly known as Jaymo Ule Msee.

Jaymo says, contrary to what people may think about the term fisi, the foundation “will be a way of creating a platform for its members to engage in socio-economic empowerment programs”.

“The foundation aims at helping the youth secure empowerment, especially in entrepreneurship,” Jaymo Ule Msee told eDaily on phone Friday evening (November 3).

Jaymo said he settled on the name (Team Mafisi) because “many people are “fisis”, who often ‘scavenge’ for success opportunities.

Besides offering avenues for self-growth and empowerment, Jaymo says the foundation will also engage in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Registration of Team Mafisi sparked myriad online reactions, with some users applauding the move, while others remained skeptical over its viability, saying: “It is just another joke”.

The phrase Team Mafisi has been used extensively on different social platforms to mean men who take advantage of every opportunity to hit on women they deem physically attractive.


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