Teacher Wanjiku: Many people think I have one child, which is not true


Celebrated comedienne Teacher Wanjiku is a mother of two – and not one, as many have been led to believe.

Last year October, the comic gave birth to her second child, amid a social media storm after photos from her pregnancy shoot went viral.

Speaking to eDaily Thursday, Wanjiku said second time motherhood kept her away from actively engaging in comedy.

“I took a break. I did not want to do anything related to comedy when pregnant – though, I would not advise all women to follow that path. You need to look for money,” she said.

“I became a mother for a second time. My second child will turn one on October 11. Most people, however, think I am a new mother, which I am not. My first born is a 13-year-old girl who will sit for Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams this year,” said the comedienne.

When told that – based on her youthful looks – people would find it difficult to believe that she has a teenage daughter, Teacher Wanjiku bursts into a hearty laughter, saying: “Ni kumaintain. Women need to maintain [their looks].”

Wanjiku says she sometimes worries about the relationship that her two children will have, given the 12-year gap between them.

“It is a big a challenge to me as a mother because I feel like I have two separate generations in one house. The beauty of everything is that the two get along well, they have to. They are only two.”

She, however, says that things have been smooth sailing so far.

And what’s the secret to her well-toned body?

“I work out quite often and I am glad I am getting rid of the baby weight. You can watch some of my work out sessions on my YouTube channel Wanjiku the Teacher. The purpose of the videos is to encourage mothers who have given birth to work out and feel good about themselves. It is very challenging when a woman gives birth, her self-esteem kind of plummets.  During my last trimester, I looked terribly big. But photos wouldn’t show as my photographer is very skilled when it comes to framing a subject.

“However children are a blessing. One should not say: ‘I won’t get pregnant again because I don’t want to lose shape’.”

Teacher Wanjiku says after a year-long hiatus, she is back in the world of comedy – rejuvenated and rearing to go.

“I am back with a bang! Expect a show which is happening on October 21, 2016 at the Kenya National Theatre. It is going to be a one-person performance. I urge people to come and get some lessons from me. For details visit my social media pages Wanjiku the Teacher.”


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