Tanzanian video vixen in sex scandal to remain locked up


Tanzanian video vixen Amber Rutty and her boyfriend, Said Mtopari, will remain in custody longer after they failed to get a bond assurer Monday.

The two, who were arraigned at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court, were supposed to present two assurers each, who would commit Tsh15 million (Ksh670, 000) to the court in exchange of the pair’s freedom.

Only Amber Ruttty’s assurer showed up at the court.

The two were taken back to remand, with Magistrate Augustine Rwezire rescheduling the case to December 10, 2018.

Amber Rutty was arrested on October 26, after Dar es Salaam regional police boss, Paul Makonda, ordered the socialite to present herself to the police after a video showing her having anal sex with her lover, Said Mtopari, went viral.

The two were, on November 2, arraigned in Kisutu Resident Magistrate court to answer to charges of sharing sexually explicit videos on social media and engaging in unnatural sexual act.

The two were given the option to be released on bond, but they failed to get assurers, leading to their continued detention.


Rutty’s step-mother, Halima Ibrahim, was killed on October 28, two days after Rutty was arrested for engaging in unnatural sexual act.

Halima was killed by unknown people at her home on Bomba-Mbili in Ruvuma.


Amber Rutty’s ex-husband, in a mid-November interview with “Global Publishers”, said the video vixen’s sex video left him emotionally bruised.

“I remember I was at work the first time I watched that video. I was really shocked to watch my former wife and the mother of my children filmed engaging in unnatural sexual act with reckless abandon. Honestly, I was dumbfounded. I left work quietly; in that state of mind, I couldn’t continue with my duties. I wondered what had come over Nascat [Amber Rutty]. I am hurting; hurting because of my children. They had a good mother, [who went astray along the way],” Ally told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

Rajabu Ally tied the knot with Amber Rutty in 2009 and split from her in 2012.

Ally and Rutty are parents to two children aged 5 and 7.



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