Tanzanian singer Harmonize: I did not abuse Kenyans


Tanzanian musician Harmonize whose real name is Rajab Abdul has denied he insulted Kenyans during his performance at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi on December 31 last year.

Harmonize says his statement, which suggested that Kenyans are poor, was misunderstood.

The “Kwangwaru” hit-maker called Kenyans “financially broke” like him, hence the reason “Kenyans are working so hard like me to beat poverty”, he said on stage.

Speaking to Tanzania’s “Risasi Mchanganyiko”, Harmonize said he did not expect that his message would be misunderstood.

“You know the Swahili spoken in Kenya and the one widely used in Tanzania are different. Kenyans interpreted my message to mean that they are poor. I, however, was coming from a very innocent place. Many people had asked me why Kenyans support my music wholeheartedly, and I told the revelers that it is because they are poor like me,” said Harmonize.

“I was, thereafter, shocked to see them shouting at me, while others shook their heads in disbelief.  They told me: ‘Don’t refer to us as poor because we paid to come for this event’. I did not expect it would degenerate to that. I was coming from a very innocent place,” said the “Kadamshi” star.

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