Tanzanian journalists scramble for cash at press conference – VIDEO

A section of Tanzanian journalists have come under heavy criticism after scrambling for cash during a press conference.

The drama occurred at the Hyatt Regency on Monday during the launch of Swahiliflix; ahead of the official launch set for August 31, 2019 at Mlimani City Plaza.

Popular Bongo actress Irene Uwoya, who was one of the major personalities set to address the presser, arrived late and gave a short address before digging into her bag and taking out wads of cash.

“Na nisiwachoshe sana nimewaweka muda mrefu, swahiliflix ni mambo moto lazima tusalimiane na ndugu zetu waandishi wa habari, nawatuza na kitu kidogo,” she said.

[“Let me not tire you out any more because I have already kept you waiting for long, Swahiliflix is hot and so we must unite with our journalists, I therefore want to give you a small gift.”]

Ms. Uwoya then proceeded to toss the money at the journalists, most of whom then abandoned their trade and started scrambling for the cash.

Video Courtesy: BongoFive

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