Citizen TV’s ‘One Love’ host Tallia Oyando alive and well

Citizen Television One Love host Tallia Oyando is alive and well.

Tallia Oyando told eDaily that relatives, friends and concerned people have been calling her on phone, while worried, to enquire about her health after reports made the rounds on social media and Kenyan websites that she “had a brush with death”, with some readers misinterpreting the reports.

The reports, blown out of proportion, began last week when Tallia Oyando wrote a post on her Instagram page revealing that she fell ill unexpectedly and was rushed to a Nairobi hospital for emergency treatment.

“The health scare wasn’t so serious as blogs splashed. I just fell ill and was rushed to hospital and discharged on the same day. I did not have – what they (entertainment websites) called – a brush with death. I am alive, healthy and kicking.

“I am jaded with the many phone calls from people, who are worried, enquiring about my health progress, while in reality I am fine. Even today, (Thursday, December 1), my clothes vendor phoned me to know if I am still alive. Such enquiries are traumatizing,” said the mother-of-one.




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