Tahidi High’s Freddie: Ladies confessed to me why they knowingly share men

Freddie and daughter

Kenyan actor Abel Mutua, formerly Freddie on Citizen Television’s Tahidi High, says women see no harm in sharing a man who is responsible.

Abel – who was a guest alongside gospel spinner DJ Mo – on Citizen Television’s Power Breakfast Friday, confessed he has, in the past, interacted with women who tell him outrightly they’d share a man who has vast knowledge of his roles.

In the show themed Celebrity Dads, the father of one shared quite a chunk about fatherhood – and what the institution has taught him.

“I remember there was a time a female friend of mine told me: ‘I am willing to share a man with another woman so long as he is responsible’,” recalled the actor.

Mr Mutua, who had in a past interview with eDaily confessed to possessing “bad boy” attributes, told Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu that the institution of fatherhood changed his perception on what maketh a true man.

“Fatherhood made me to change a lot about my personality. I began to embrace the value of hard work. I would do everything on earth to make money. The responsibilities made me toil like a man who has clocked his forties, just to put food on the table,” he said.

Abel loves his daughter – to the moon and back, he says.

His love for the little one has been nurtured by the fact that he was brought up by a sole parent – a mother to be more specific – and Mutua is so much committed to making his daughter be as independent as his mother.

“When I was little, I saw the struggles my mum, my younger brother and I go through. I vowed that the day I would become a father, I wouldn’t abscond responsibilities expected from me,” added Mr Mutua.

DJ Mo, on the other hand, said besides availability being a key element of responsibility, fathers should make sure the presence in their children’s lives translates to bonding – hence long term sense of trust instilled in the children by their fathers.

“Bonding depends on how much time you spend with your child. Fathers of today should adapt to modernity and accept the changes that society presents. We shouldn’t be ashamed of changing our children’s napkins; we shouldn’t be ashamed of bottle-feeding our children. Bonding is a very important factor that ensures our kids grow up knowing that as dads, we were, are and will always be there for them.”

Watch the full interview below:

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