T-Africa – Sakata Mashariki our beginning of greatness!

T-Africa, a dance group from Temeke, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is confident of winning Ksh1 million Sakata Mashariki Season 6 prize and says their dance career is just beginning despite having been in the industry for more than four years.

Sakata Mashariki is a dance competition which pools dance groups from the vast East African region allowing them to compete on a regional platform for a grand prize of Ksh 1 million.

The Show airs on Sundays on Citizen TV at 8PM. This week’s edition will be the grand finale where one of the six finalists will walk home with the lucrative money.

Citizen Digital spent time with T-Africa who are one of the competition’s finalists.

They opened up about their journey in dance, expectations and future plans.

The following is an excerpt of the interview:

Citizen Digital (CTV): How has the journey been from the first day on Sakata podium to date?

T-Africa (T-A): The journey has been good. Up to this point, we would say it is God and the hardwork of each of the team members.

CTV: How did you come together to form T-Africa?

T-A: Most of us are brothers; so meeting was not difficult. We decided to form a dance group in 2011, and have worked together for four years now.

CTV: Have you participated in any dance competition beyond Tanzania?

T-A: Sakata Mashariki is the first competition we are competing outside Tanzania. In Tanzania, we have taken part in many competitions, and have won quite a number.

CTV: What are you looking forward to in the finals of Sakata Mashariki?

T-A: We are looking forward to winning and nothing less! Look at the far we have come, both in the competition and by location. We know teams in the final are quite a number and are very well prepared; but we are confident to emerge victorious. We are doing everything right and we believe our efforts will pay off.

CTV: Which group do you think will be your biggest competition in the final?

T-A: Honestly, there is no team which scares us! I know they are very confident they will win, but time will tell.

CTV: Which challenges have you faced in the competition?

T-A: They are few. Traveling from Tanzania to Kenya via road is a bit tiresome. When we arrive, we are exhausted; but you know we still have to exercise. It’s not easy.

CTV: What would you do with Ksh1 million if you win?

T-A:  We will inject the money in growing the dance group. We did not form it just to compete. It is our career. Every other day we are at work; so we should develop the group further to attract even more business deals. We will also share the money amongst ourselves so that each of us makes his own investment.

CTV: What next after Sakata Mashariki for T-Africa?

T-A: We have a lot of projects back in Tanzania – shows, fiestas. Some of us will be travelling to Germany for studies. That will affect us, but the dance group has to continue being in operation. Our biggest goal is to conquer Africa and the rest of the world.

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