Swaleh Mdoe backs Njoki Chege, says no to women above 70kgs

Celebrated news anchor, Swaleh Mdoe, has backed embattled writer and blogger Njoki Chege’s opinion on plus-size women saying he does not find women above 70 kilograms attractive.

In an article titled: ‘Fat women, let’s tackle this elephant in the room’ published on the Daily Nation on October 3, writer Njoki Chege argues that plus-size women are ‘fat’ because of what they eat.

“These misguided fat women think that big is beautiful and they are even calling themselves ‘authentic African women’,” she began.

She further quipped: “What nonsense! I don’t know how many times I am going to repeat this, but big is not beautiful. If you are a woman weighing over 80 kilos, you qualify to be called fat and somebody has to break it down for you and tell you the truth.”

The heated debate has seen the blogger being the recipient of sharp criticism from plus-size women like Caroline Mutoko and former TV host Kendi Ashitiva for perceived insensitivity and ignorance.

In a new twist, Swaleh Mdoe has concurred with Njoki.

“I think Njoki is right because any woman who weighs 70 kilograms and above for me is fat – if you’d allow me use that word,” Swaleh Mdoe told.

Just like Njoki who said: “You are not sexy. You are just a deluded big mama that needs to lose weight,” Swaleh added his voice to the discussion saying: “For me, it’s not even the 80 kgs Njoki mentioned – I think 70 should be the ceiling weight of a sexy woman.”

“If a woman weighs more than 70 kilograms, there’s no sexiness in that,” he added.

This writer jogged Swaleh’s mind on ‘over-70kg-women’ who are curvy and look hot in their respective body sizes. What did he have to say?

“Those curves often get lost in that bulkiness. A lady who weighs that much – I would say has a problem,” he told.

Adding: “Even if your waist is like that one of a wasp and your weight is over 70 kilograms, you won’t have kile ambacho Waswahili wanaita shangwe.”

Swaleh knows too well the saying: “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, but says he cannot be the beholder of a woman whose weight is above 70kgs.

“In however much they say the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me a woman over 70kgs is just too much!” expressed the veteran anchor.

“That weight for a man, it is fine – for a lady, no. Ladies are not allowed by any standards anywhere to be overweight!” Swaleh Mdoe concluded.

What’s your take on the “plus size” debate?

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