Swahili speaking ‘mzungu’ Justo releases first single1

Mbao Mbao YouTube sensation ‘Justo’ has released a new music single.

Justo, whose real name is Justin Bradford, has released the official video to his single Ukitaka.

The video was published on YouTube on Saturday, but the singer insists the official release date will be on January 27.

“I am releasing it officially at 40-Forty Lounge on January 27. That will also be combined with my birthday party. My birthday is on the 28,” said Justo to Nairobi News. 

Justo, who is American born, loves the Swahili language and revealed the inspiration behind the hit single in an exclusive with Nairobi News. “I have a passion for Swahili and singing. My mother always sang to me as a child and it inspired me to sing well.”

The music video is already well above 16, 000 views on YouTube.

Justo announced himself to the world when he posted a video that went viral of him acting like a Kenyan ‘tout’ on one of the American trains in his home state.

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