Susumila, celebrity wife call it quits barely one year since getting married!


Popular Mombasa-based singer Susumila, has separated from his wife Kibibi Salim, eDaily has learnt.

Eleven months ago, the couple wedded in a colorful ceremony held in Mombasa.

Mombasa’s says Susumila and actress Kibibi separated on September 4, 2016 and that Kibibi, a mother of one who delivered her baby in July, 2016, has returned to her parents’ home.

“We are no longer together. I cannot complain because it is all God’s plans. He (Susumila) remains the father of our daughter,” Kibibi told

A source who spoke to the outlet in confidence says Susumila has served Kibibi divorce papers and that the pair is waiting for Chief Kadhi’s approval of the separation.

When eDaily reached Susumila for comment, he declined to say much: “I am aware she (Kibibi) has said quite much on media about our separation. For now, I won’t speak on our situation.”

Susumila and Kibibi wedded in October 24, 2015 in a simple Islamic nikkah after Susumila divorced his first wife and mother of his two children Ruth Jimmy.

Ruth – in an October 9, 2015, interview with eDaily –, accused Susumila of neglecting their children, saying he wasn’t paying their school fees.

Responding to those allegations, an irate Susumila said: “She (Ruth) is the one who has a problem. If she is not satisfied with what I am doing for the children, she can go report to the children’s rights authorities. She is blackmailing me! I think she wants me to give in to her demands out of coercion. Looking at the timing of her issues, she thinks I am most vulnerable hence would want to protect my image.

“I put into consideration the nature of my musical job – sometimes we too lack shows and sales for our albums. So to make sure the kids never sleep hungry, I had to secure her a permanent source of income (hair and beauty salon business). Perhaps she thinks that if she blackmails me, I will dish out more cash on top of the monthly upkeep. I don’t think that is right – if it is food – even when the children eat beans and not meat, it is still a meal. It’s not a must they eat chicken because they are Susumila’s kids,” he vented.

Ruth two weeks later after divorce got engaged to a Mombasa-based businessman known as Faiz Mohamed.

Ruth had resigned from her job at Kwale County where she was working in the Water and Sanitation Department.

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