Suspect in Sameer boss con scheme splashed Ksh.5M on wedding attended by MPs

One of the suspects, who allegedly defrauded a Sameer Africa boss of Ksh.10 million by pretending to be President Uhuru Kenyatta, held a sophisticated Ksh5 million wedding on December 9, 2017.

Joseph Waswa alias Henry Waswa’s wedding to Moreen Tabitha took place in Mwingi, Kitui County.

Now, Mr Waswa is among seven suspects taken to court last Monday in connection with fraud.

Others who were presented in court include: Duncan Muchai, Isaac Wajekeche, William Simiyu, David Luganya, Gilbert Kirunja and Anthony Wafula.

It is alleged that the suspects used mobile number 0722 208842 to call Sameer Africa chairman Naushad Merali, asking him to facilitate the release of the money for the purchase of a parcel of land in Nairobi’s Kilimani, while mimicking the voice of President Kenyatta.

They pretended the call was from State House in Nairobi.

According to police, Mr Merali was outside the country on a business trip, when the suspects called him.

He, therefore, gave complainant, Akif Hamid Butt, the Finance Director of Sameer Africa, the permission to process the payment, believing he had spoken to President Kenyatta.

The suspects gave Mr Butt the number of an account at Equity Bank, into which he deposited the Ksh10 million.

A supporting affidavit by Corporal James Mwangi, who is based at the DCI Headquarters, says police are investigating forgery, conspiracy to commit fraud and obtaining money by false pretences.

The suspects were arrested separately on February 22 and February 23. Police have requested for ten days to detain the suspects so as to gather sufficient evidence.

And a flash-back into the life of the key suspect in the scam – Jospeh Waswa – shows he is a man of means, who did not blink an eye parting with Ksh5 million for his wedding just over a year ago.

Mr Waswa was accompanied to the elegant ceremony by four young-and-flashy Members of Parliament (MPs).

“Waswa is a good friend of mine. I had to be there for him on his big day,” one of the MPs told EDAILY then.

Four choppers carrying the MPs and the groom touched down at Nzatani Village on the morning of December 9, awakening residents who least expected the rare spectacle.

Mr Waswa paid dowry for his flame Ms Tabitha and, thereafter, tied the knot with her in a traditional ceremony.

Mr Waswa told EDAILY then that he “has interests in the entertainment and real estate industries”.

“I decided to spend heavy on our big day because I was doing something for someone that I love; someone that I cherish. Tabitha has been like a mother to me. In short, she is the woman that I love,” Mr Waswa told EDAILY.

The couple, on the same day, flew out to Seychelles for their first part of the honeymoon, and jetted back into Kenya on Friday, December 15.

The two later flew to Mombasa for their second part of their honeymoon. They returned to Nairobi on December 22, 2017.

“I chose to spend the second bit of my honeymoon in Mombasa because I run several businesses in the coastal city,” said Mr Waswa.

The couple, who, until then, had lived together for 11 years, said they would hold a church wedding in August, 2018. It remains unclear whether the church wedding took place.

They are blessed with two children.

High end hotels and guest rooms in Kitui were fully occupied by his guests a day to and a day after Mr Waswa and Ms Moreen’s ceremony.

Mr Waswa shot to public fame in July, 2016, when he hosted Saleh Wanjala alias Bungoma James Bond to a luncheon at his home in Lavington, Nairobi.

Before then, he had offered a free air ticket to Mr Wanjala, who hogged media headlines after hanging on a helicopter in Bungoma carrying the body of businessman Jacob Juma, who was fatally shot in May, 2016.

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