Surprise as Jacob Juma’s two other wives emerge at funeral and allowed to address mourners


Slain businessman Jacob Juma’s funeral service was held Friday, May 14 at Mungore village in Bungoma County – and villagers were surprised to learn that the late Juma had two other wives besides the well-known Miriam Wairimu Juma.

News about Juma’s other wives broke when the two women – one a Tanzanian and another, from the Western Kenya community – were allowed to address mourners.

Each has borne children by late Juma.

It is not yet established why they were silent right through the mourning period and only turned up at his funeral service.

The two women said they met Jacob Juma in early 90s.

Juma’s well-known wife Wairimu with whom he had two kids with also addressed mourners.

The total number of the late Juma’s children is six.

Jacob Juma was shot dead on Thursday, May 5 by unknown gunmen in Nairobi near Lenana School.

He was laid to rest at 4pm.


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