Street-kid who returned KSh.200,000 dropped by a stranger in Nairobi found dead

Street kid Vincent Omondi also known as Vince Dancer who stole the hearts of Kenyans after his selfless act in April was on Tuesday found dead in Eastleigh.

But before that, his story:

In April of 2017, Kenyan street kid Vincent Omondi was lurking around Kenyatta avenue when he saw a wad of cash drop from a man’s bag.

The amount, we would later learn, was in excess of KSh.200,000 and the man in question was headed to the bank to deposit KSh.700,000 on behalf of his employer.

What would have been a day of grim, pain and loss was saved by a hungry, unkempt street kid who hadn’t even caught a lunch break.

Vince Dancer.

Vince Dancer on the day that he handed KSh.200,000 back to a stranger in Nairobi. Photo: Ruth Ambogo/Facebook

When the street urchin saw this wad cash fall, he picked it up and ran to the stranger to hand it back but not without drama.

Initially, the man who dropped the cash thought that the street-kid cat-calling him was part of the usual street kid battalion that begs for alms.

So, like the typical Nairobian, he mounted his high-horse, clutched at his bag tighter and hurried to the bank’s entrance.

Poor and filthy street families can go hang, he must have muttered under his breath.

Safer at the bank’s patio, he stopped and looked back at the kid who had broken into a sprint to catch up with him.

“Hey, umeangusha dough kule nyuma,” ( hey,you dropped some cash)  the kid said while handing back the wand of cash.

He stared in disbelief.

Apparently, his bag’s zipper had caved in and ejected wad of cash as he crossed the Kenyatta avenue to make a deposit.

Long story.

The shorter version is that he made the deposit alright but could not find the kid outside the bank when he got out.

He later shared the story online and hundreds of Kenyans, stoked by the street-kids honesty pledged to help the kid get into rehab.

Vince Dancer back in his hey days. Photo: Vince Dancer/Facebook

Interestingly, it turned out that the kid was a former graduate of the St Paul’s University who had taken a job at Nakumatt before he lapsed into substance abuse and lost his job.

Until his demise, Omondi was in rehab courtesy of the St Paul’s alumni and kind-hearted Kenyans.

While the circumstances of his death are still enshrouded in mystery, Omondi has previously begged Kenyans to help him secure a job to settle his bills; rent, fare and clothing.

Maybe no one followed up to check whether he was okay. Or if he needed anything.

May his soul rest in peace.


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