Strathmore University student’s scuffle with Octopizzo before his death

Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga – popularly known as Octopizzo – has come under sharp scrutiny after he was linked to the death of a Strathmore University student.

According to the parents of 19-year old Kenneth Abom, Octopizzo could have hit him with a blunt object as he had a cut on the right side of his forehead; this, they suspect, possibly led to his death.

Octopizzo, speaking to KTN, claimed the boy on Thursday broke into his house in Woodley Estate, Nairobi, where he reportedly moved only three weeks ago.

“No, I did not hit the boy. His father was the first person I talked to after the incident. I did not know why he came in my house. An hour later, we heard that the boy dropped from the fourth floor,” Octopizzo told KTN on phone.

The ‘Blackstar’ rapper also told Nairobi News that he was at home with his sister when Kenneth knocked on the gate asking for him but his sister refused to let him in telling him to book an appointment with Octopizzo’s management team.

Kenneth, according to Octopizzo, however pushed the girl aside and forced himself into the compound; an action which irked Octopizzo and he hounded him out.

Area residents who witnessed the scuffle recounted seeing the rap star allegedly beat up the teenager and pursue him around the neighbourhood before they stopped him and told him that he (Kenneth) also lived in the estate.

The deceased’s brother, Paul Abom, narrated to KTN how Kenneth ran into the house with a cut on his head, a blood-stained shirt and went to the bathroom to clean up “and the next thing we knew he had jumped through the window to the ground.”

Paul added that Kenneth was then rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital before being referred to Kenyatta National Hospital where succumbed to his injuries on Saturday at 10a.m.

Kenneth’s father, Aggrey Abom, further denied Octopizzo’s claim that they had spoken, adding that the ‘Oliel’ hitmaker’s celebrity status could have attracted Kenneth to his house as he also had an interest in music.

The post-mortem results are set to be released to the family on Monday.

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