Strange practice rocks church: Pastors issuing receipts to worshippers who pay for prayers

The leadership of a Nigerian church has come under razor-sharp criticism from online users for charging a fee to worshippers seeking prayers.

The church located at Esuk Otu in Calabar, issued N5, 000 (Ksh1, 400) receipt to a Cameroonian citizen, Otude Joseph, who had gone for prayers at the church in September, 2017.  Otude said, on social media, that he was facing problems and needed deliverance.

Media personalities in Nigeria shared a picture of Otude’s receipt, and engaged their audience in a discussion, which had many puzzled why the church charges a fee for prayers.

One of the media personalities, Ifedayo Olarinde, wrote on social media: “Is there no end to this obtuse buffoonery? This generation of preachers is indignation to the body of Christ!”




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