Straight outta Hot 96 FM: Coco Soboo Moto to take Citizen Television by storm!


Hot 96FM host Coco Soboo Moto will host a thrilling reggae show titled One Love alongside Talia Oyando on Citizen Television every Saturday beginning October 22, 2016.

The three-hour show will have three segments, with Talia Oyando hosting 4pm to 5pm slot dubbed Reggae Roots.

Coco Soboo Moto will host Reggae Top 10 segment between 5pm and 6pm.

The two hosts would then pair up for Best of Dancehall music between 6pm and 7pm, making your Saturday evening super charged.

Coco Soboo Moto, born Dominic Ngori, joined Hot 96 FM in 2013 – and since then, his star has shone brighter despite stumbling onto radio by sheer luck.

From drug addict to radio king

Beneath the Hot Drive host’s raspy voice and hearty laugh is a man who managed to kick a drug habit that robbed him off his earlier years to rise to helm of Kenyan urban radio.

A drug addict for 15 years, Coco only started working aged 32.

“I got my identification card when I was 30,” a candid Coco told Citizen Digital in an April, 2015 interview.

“I was a spoilt brat. I never did any odd jobs to support my drug habit.”

Coco said he has always been a smooth talker, a man who could talk himself out of any situation. “Someone suggested I try radio, so that’s how I got into this,” he said.

Coco, fresh out of rehab, landed a few radio jobs before he finally came to Hot 96FM.

He was an intern for four months before his boss allowed him to get on air, starting with the late night show.

His late night show was a huge success which led him to mid-morning, and later Hot Drive.

A high school dropout, Coco said the only regret he has, is in the time he lost.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way. My experiences got me to this point. I would not change a thing. I needed some tough love,” said Coco in retrospect.

He delivers, he executes, he entertains – watch Citizen Television every Saturday from 4pm to 7pm; beginning October 22, 2016 to get to meet and love Coco!

Now, Coco spends most of his free time at various rehab centres, talking to young people who want to kick their drug habit.

“I don’t want them to waste so much time like I did,” he says.

Now, Coco’s main focus is in being the best in what he does.

“I want to be number one,” he says.



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