Story on Bahati’s ‘secret DNA test on daughter’ exposed me to ridicule – Marua


Gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua jointly addressed rumours that went viral in March this year suggesting the musician subjected their daughter, Heaven, to a secret DNA test to prove who the baby’s father was.

The reports claimed Bahati was suspecting that Heaven, who was given birth to on February 14, had been sired by another man.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni recently, the couple said nothing of the sort happened, and that online traffic-hungry bloggers fabricated the story.

Ms Marua said she, consequently, was subjected to ridicule, humiliation and emotional trauma.

“The worst troll was when bloggers said Bahati did a DNA test for our daughter, Heaven, without my knowledge. I had just had a baby and had healed from postpartum. It was so hard on me when I read such information,” said Ms Marua.

Bahati explained that he had conducted a DNA test on his first daughter, Mueni Bahati, with his ex-girlfriend, Yvette Obura, and bloggers confused that story for Heaven’s case.

The award-winning gospel star said — at the time — that he was going to sue the outlets that published false information about him and his daughter, Heaven.

The singer’s wife, Ms Marua, also spoke about how she relates with Mueni – Bahati’s first child from a previous relationship.

“She [Mueni] comes home at least once a week. She is innocent and she doesn’t have to be involved in all what people are saying [about her parents],” said Ms Marua.

In the interview with Ms Japanni, Ms Marua rubbished online claims that she is 10 years older than Bahati, 24, saying the age-gap between them is just two years.

“I am only two years older than Bahati. In the beginning, it [trolls] used to get to me, but what matters right now is how he takes care of me. He makes me comfortable. He is the head of the house regardless of my age, I respect that boundary. I respect him as a husband,” said Ms Marua.


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