Storm in Calvary as woman causes rift between Legio Maria “Pope” and followers


The Legio Maria Church headquarters in God Kweru, Migori County turned chaotic when followers stormed the venue, demanding for the immediate removal of Cardinal Samson Arogo over what they termed Arogo’s “disrespect to the Pope”.

Cardinal Arogo and his cronies last week cried foul over a lady who allegedly took control of the “Pope’s” shrine, known as Calvary.

Arogo claims that Dorothy Adhiambo and two other women have caused a huge rift between Legio Maria followers and “Pope” Romanus Ong’ombe, making the head of the Legio Maria Church inaccessible.

It is alleged that Dorothy and her two female friends had relocated to “Pope” Ong’ombe’s palace in Buembu.

According to Cardinal Argo, trouble began when Dorothy Adhiambo, a well-wisher, volunteered to complete the stalled construction of the church which houses the tomb of the sect leader “Messiah” Melkio Ondeto, who was buried 26 years ago.

The followers claim that several fundraisings were conducted at the church, raising millions of shillings, but Arogo pocketed the money.

While addressing the media, “Pope” Romanus Ong’ombe ordered Cardinal Arogo to quit if he will not withdraw his ‘defaming’ statement that “he (Pope) was in hiding with a woman”.

Ong’ombe insisted that Dorothy Adhiambo will accomplish her mission to complete construction of the church.

Legio Maria is an African religious movement initiating among the Luo-speaking community.

The religious movement was initiated by repeated appearances of a mystic woman to several Roman Catholic members delivering messages about the incarnation of the son of God as a black man.

These appearances are said to have begun around 1938.

Story by Kassim Adinasi.



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