Stop your hypocrisy, Wetangula tells Ruto


Ford Kenya Party leader Moses Wetangula has told off Deputy President William Ruto over Ruto’s remarks that principals in The National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition are full of nepotism after Wiper endorsed Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s son to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) by the party.

Speaking at Poroko Friends Secondary School in Kilgoris on Thursday, May 11, DP Ruto accused NASA flag bearer, Raila Odinga, and his running mate, Kalonzo Musyoka, of being “chief exercisers of nepotism” after they forwarded the names of their relatives to the EALA on their respective parties’ banners.

“Deputy President William Ruto reacted with the predictable hypocrisy and anger to the list of Opposition parties’ nominees to the East African Legislative Assembly. Mr. Ruto particularly took issue with the young Kennedy Musyoka who had been presented by Wiper for consideration for EALA by the National Assembly.”

Ruto indirectly said Odinga proposed his elder brother, Oburu Oginga, to the EALA, while Kalonzo proposed his son, Kennedy Kalonzo.

NASA co-principal Moses Wetangula has now taken issue with Ruto’s remarks, terming them hypocritical because he (Wetangula) deems Ruto as a venal leader, who appoints his friends and relatives to high offices, without adequate consideration of other applicants.

“We find it disturbing that while the Opposition nominees the Deputy President took issue with were products of procedures, processes and rules of their sponsoring parties, Mr. Ruto has seen nothing wrong with and has never found it necessary to condemn the unilateral appointments by Jubilee that has seen relatives, friends, sons and daughters of top leaders employed in influential positions for no reason other than kinship and friendship,” said Moses Wetangula in a statement to newsroom Friday.

“Mr. Ruto has equally never raised a voice when relatives of top Jubilee leaders have stolen billions of tax-payers money through tenders they neither deserved nor qualified for.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta’s State House features his nephew Jomo Gecaga as Private Secretary in the rank of Principal Secretary. The President’s uncle Mr. George Muhoho is a permanent feature in State House influencing policy and other presidential pronouncements,” added Wetangula.

The Ford Kenya Party leader also mentioned Uhuru’s niece, Nana Gecaga, as a beneficiary of favouritism by the Jubilee leadership. Wetangula said Nana is in charge of supervision of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

“(The) children and relatives of the President and his deputy (have been) posted in our foreign missions for no special qualifications other than kinship,” alleged Wetangula.

Wetangula also called out the Jubilee administration on the runaway corruption at the health ministry that resulted into the withdrawal of Ksh2.1 billion healthcare aid by the United States of America.

“Today, Kenyans are living with the reality of cancelled US support for health sector because of a scam executed by members of President Kenyatta’s immediate family, close friends and confidantes including Ms. Kathleen Kihanya, Nyokabi Muthama and Samson Kamiri.

“The person who pulled the NYS scam is an accepted member of the Jubilee inner circles and has been cleared by the party to run for governor without any dissenting voice from Mr. Ruto,” said Wetangula.

“Mr. Ruto must be deeply hypocritical, merciless and extremely cynical to lecture NASA and Kenyans on public morality. We advise Kenyans not to take Ruto seriously,” Wetangula concluded his statement.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s son, Kennedy, was proposed to EALA by Wiper Party early this week, eliciting protests among a section of Wiper Party members.

The National Assembly will on May 23 vet and approve the proposed nominees to EALA.

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