Sponsor’s sexual advances force university student to drop out


A First Year student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST) has had to drop out after the man who was sponsoring her education backed out.

Nancy Atieno, 22, whose dream is to become a university lecturer, comes from a humble background, and her mother – a widow – is unable to raise her tuition fees.

Ms Atieno, who is supposed to have joined Second Year, has been left stranded following her sponsor’s withdrawal from fee commitment.

Ms Atieno’s father died ten years ago, and her mother struggled single-handedly to see her through education thus far.

A well-wisher came to her rescue, offering to sponsor Ms Atieno’s university education, after she scored a mean grade of C+ (plus) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary School Education (KCSE).

Ms Atieno told EDAILY that the man (name withheld) supported her for only one academic semester before he began spamming her phone with love and sexual messages.

When she rebuffed his advances, her sponsor warned her to either give in to his demands or he withdraws from funding her university education.

Ms Atieno stood her ground, and her sponsor lived true to his threat of withdrawing his financial support.

Hopeless and helpless, Ms Atieno gave in to another man’s marriage proposal – at least to escape the frustrations of an aborted education exercise.

She says her husband is unable to raise the requisite tuition fees, but her dream to become a university lecturer lives on.

Ms Atieno says she has unsuccessfully applied for bursaries, and is reaching out to well-wishers to chip in and help her complete her education.

(Report by George Amolo in Siaya County)



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