‘Sponsor’ burns thousands on Mara trip, finds lover entertaining Young Turk

There was drama on Sunday, May 29 when an elderly man took his youthful lover to the Mara for the highly anticipated Rhino Charge – only for the lady to entertain another man at night.

The man, in his forties, and his twenty-something year old lover arrived at Ol Dakesi Naikara at around 3pm and could be seen cuddling from the sunroof of their 4X4 off-road car.

The couple looked adorable, clearly in love.

However, things took a completely different turn in the evening when the quadragenarian went to chug bottles of beer and left his ‘gachungwa’ sleeping in a tent that they had booked.

Accommodation at the tent was Ksh20, 500 per night – and the couple had booked in for three days. Technically, the ‘sponsor’ had parted with Ksh61, 500 for accommodation only.

After he was done emptying bottles at the watering hole, the man decided to retire to his pricey tent.

Shock on him! The woman he had left sound asleep was warming his bed with a well-built, youthful man.

Spurned, dejected and a feeling of betrayal fueling him to do something violent, the enraged man started engaging in a range of threats.

“Nancy*, do you know who I am? Do you know how bad I am? You know what I am capable of? Nancy* you betrayed me. Who the [expletive] is this man?” he could be heard clamoring at around 12 midnight.

“Yes, Ben* I know who you are, and I know how bad you are. I am sorry, I was not doing anything – we were just sleeping,” the lady stammered as she tried to explain the unexplainable.

When the couple was engaging in exchange of words, the randy youthful man bolted nearly naked and disappeared into the dense darkness.

They say men are giant babies. The wayward woman seemingly understood this phrase best as she walked up to her ‘sponsor’, soothed him like a little toddler, lovingly rubbing his neck and head. She thereafter told him to calm down. She promised him everything was going to be okay.

Magically, the scorned sponsor calmed down at the woman’s touch.

According to our source – who is a close friend of the wealthy man – the lady treated her benefactor to a “passionate night”.

The following day the couple could be seen laughing and cuddling as if nothing had happened the previous night – they went to the Gauntlet together, where the big Rhino Charge machines were checking in.

The two spent the rest of their three-day stay at the Mara locking arms in visible bond of love.

The young randy man was not seen for the rest of the weekend.


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