Speculations that Papa Wemba was poisoned increase after suggestive video surfaces online


Popular Rhumba maestro Papa Wemba collapsed and died while performing in Abidjan, Ivory Coast Sunday – and a suggestive video has now surfaced online with fans claiming the singer was poisoned with a microphone that was changed on stage.

Congolese journalists have questioned the manner in which the artiste passed on and how his autopsy was conducted.

Many are speculating he was poisoned.

In a bid to prove worthy their school of thought, the Congolese journalists have referred to a video showing a floor manager taking the microphone from stage –and returning it – moments before Papa Wemba started singing and right after he had collapsed.

In the one-minute long video, a man dressed in black takes 22 seconds to bring a replacement of the microphone as Papa Wemba charges up the eager crowd.

The floor manager again takes time to reach where Papa Wemba had collapsed – even as the rest of the people on stage struggle to resuscitate the singer.

In an article, a news site mirastnews.com urged the French and Belgian officials to help elucidate the cause of Wemba’s death by independently conducting an autopsy.

The singer was a citizen of both countries.

The news article reports that the Mama hit-maker died before reaching hospital – adding that his sudden demise “proves” that a highly lethal substance was used.

Papa Wemba wanted to die on stage

Papa Wemba had in past interviews told VOA’s Roger Muntu, a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo – who knew Papa Wemba personally –, that “he (Wemba) wanted his last day to be on stage.”

“He said: ‘I want to die on stage, I want my last day to be on stage and they asked him why and he said because every time when I am on stage, when I am singing, I feel as if I am flying’,” Muntu told VOA, concluding: “his wish came true pretty much.”

Papa Wemba, who died aged 66, will be laid to rest Tuesday near Kinshasa.

eDaily has not been able to independently verify the authenticity of the poisoning claims , and no government body had issued a statement at the time of publication.

Watch the video below:


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